About WRGW News

On air five days a week  and online 24/7, the WRGW News Team works to bring the GW community all the news fit to air! We cover GW, local, national, and international news, as well as special events! If you are interested in joining the news team or have any questions regarding the department, please email News Directors Amaeka Effiong and Courtney Kushnir.


Meet WRGW’s Co-News Directors, Courtney Kushnir and Amaeka Effiong!

Courtney Kushnir            


Courtney Kushnir is a junior from New Jersey, currently studying Journalism (#SMPAProud!) and minoring in Criminal Justice and Film Studies. Courtney is a co-host on “Here’s The Thing,” a talk show on WRGW, and is excited to head the News Department into a semester of newsy fun!




Amaeka Effiong


Amaeka Effiong is a sophomore from Michigan majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is looking forward to a fun and interesting year of co-directing the News Department while also being a co-host on a talk show called “The Corner” here at WRGW.





WRGW News is always looking for new members! Joining the team requires no prior knowledge of radio or journalism. Being on the staff entails being a broadcaster on one of the WRGW News broadcasts during the week and writing regular articles for the website. Don’t hesitate to email News Directors Amaeka Effiong and Courtney Kushnir if you’re interested in being part of the news department or have any questions at all!


Tune in at 6:00 p.m. each weekday!